Hey guys young and old, male or female. WE NEED YOU !!!
There has been a little decline in numbers joining their Local Brigade I would like to stress that without the normal everyday person like you joining up and becoming a Fire Fighter the future would look very bleak.

You don't need to be special type of person to join your local brigade, so don't feel uncomfortable about showing up to a Brigade meeting or calling people in your Brigade or on this flyer, after all we are just people here.
Email me in the Comments Page if you want.

I was actually very nervous about joining the Brigade myself ( God I hate to think how many years ago now ) the message I am trying to get across here is don't be ! Because without people like you we are nothing.

The need does not stop at Fire Fighters there is also the Ladies Auxiliary that need members from the community to help in the tremendous work the Ladies do.
So dont be shy, nervous, afraid or think ahhhhh  someone else would be better than me at that type of stuff, because YOU are exactly who we need.
So email me or email the Brigade and I will help in anyway I can
Damien Giustini
Email dgiustini@hotmail.com
195 Thompson Road Maude Vic 3331
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Brigade Secretary